Multiple Feat Trees

Has the option to obtain a 2nd Feat spec from the Trainer been removed from the Trainer for Patrons?
I checked the one in Old Taratia at 20, 30 and 50 with no luck.

Hello Bear,

The additional specialization was moved from the trainer to the 30 day loyalty reward. Since loyalty rewards are disabled on the Saga server it is unable to claim an additional specialization.

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Thank you very much!

I suppose I will just go Damage spec on my Guardian until 80 then switch to Tank Build.
I really think it would be a good thing all the way around to have access to it especially for those of us that build Tanks.

Yes for tanks it is a difficult situation. I play a DT so need a physical and a magical build. You can still purchase an extra specialization while on Saga, which is what I have done and it has made life a lot easier.