Musashi's Black Blade

I am not entirely sure where to put this question, so if necessary whoever can move it are free to do so…
BUT… Will this legendary ever have a unique model? As it is, it looks like a Star Metal katana, which (while still cool looking) is a shame, because its overall name implies a (possibly) even cooler looking weapon.
So again. Will “Musashi’s Black Blade” get its own unqiue model?

I’m kinda happy with it. XD

To each there own i guess.

Not saying I don’t like how it looks, since I do like the Star Metal katanas looks, it’s really just the fact that it is a legendary :stuck_out_tongue: makes it a bit “weird”, if that makes sense, that it doesn’t have a unique model like other legendaries (Even if that model is reused on other legendaries. I’m down for calling it “special looking” instead of unique in that case :p).

For me, I rarely make Star Metal, By time I have it… made tools, think about making it… I’ve gotten other L-Items… and get black blade. XD

I tend to start killing them for keys by lv50 or so. I Usually do around world chest nab with all keys and get lucky. XD

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