Musashi's Black Blade - Legendary

Does this thing ever drop from Legendary Chests?

100+ Legendary Chests looted and still looking.

No sightings? Anyone?

Not that it helps much, but I don’t recall encountering it myself. So… Second’d?

Considering there are 40 legendary drops if they didn’t add more, you will have to open way more to even start thinking about it.

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Not found this either…and don’t know anyone that has.

Just as an FYI there 40 legendary weapons +5 shields and I have recently looted the wry something from a chest. Its a 1h mace that’s new but only listed as high grade but no black blade at all

Im still farming and have looted every single type of Legendary that is already known… nothing new yet. Still looking.

I got that one as well. I think it was called the Wyrd. It is basically a branh with a large stone, but did some hefty damage. So maybe the black blade is next. I have the dev kit, i will see if it is on the spawn tables for chests, if i can find those:) Very new to the kit btw.

Thank you, and have not seen the Wyrd yet… sounds interesting

Oh yeah. I saw wyrd recently too. Think it looks just like a stone club. Didn’t know it was a new one.

You have found my favorite farming blade. Baically it allows for you with the right gear, and just 2 different elixirs, to pack a 3 str, 1 agi, 3 vit, 2 grit, max enc build with about 90 dmg. yeah sneak up on that thinking im only in farming build!!!

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So @Multigun already has the info. It is in the legendary tables (the Black Blade), but the tables are slightly different than how normal spawn table work So he has a pm to the devs to see what/why the difference for the random spawns in chest.

200+ Legendary Chests and still no sign of the Black Blade… or The Wyrd either.

Whereas I got ‘the Wyrd’ three times in a row - RNG does not conform to a nice even distribution over sample sizes that a normal player will see (even a dedicated one).

Musahi and wyrd are not tagged as legendary in the itemtable they are mid grad for the katana and high grade for the mace. Musashi blade also have purple epic icon, as far as I know, no legendary weapons has epic icon. The weird think is Musashi blade is a TIER 2 weapon in the devkit. Legendaries are TIER 5. So I think the weapon is not finished.


So the legends are permanent weapons for the game , meaning in a few months they will not disappear right?

yes permanent weapons…however can only be repaired with a legendary repair kit crafted by a purge blacksmith. Personally, I haven’t seen a purge blacksmith since this game released.

Ugh, I love the fact that there are some legends. I hope they glow a little or have some elemental look like earth, fire or water combined into them. Spending weeks looking for a purge blacksmith seems like a good end game activity.The only thing bugging me is it being tied to purges. Playing this game for months already and seeing only one active purge is unmotivating. This is also with many different settings trying to bring them up too. Every time I see “Purged fixed” I fall into the mind state oh finally. Lets upgrade my base some more. Only to find the purge bar itself stops at one point or even shrinks. I feel that the max thralls (named) we find already should be able to be upgraded item wise. Like a “legend self awakening stone” or something. These items could be super rare drops.This would not only help out until the purge system is completely fixed, but keep the many players like myself who were let down from the purge failing at least a chance to see Conan Exiles at it’s best.

Kan man få länker till vart dom är?

Hmm yeah. The Black Blade is not populating into Legendary Chests at all.

I have literally dozends of legendery weapons and shield. Some I farmed by myself and others obtained by raiding and decaied bases. A few, i have twice or even three times but still lack many others. Musashi’s I having found so far. There are so many that you seriously have to harvest several hundred keys to claim a bug or unbalance. Maybe the devout can tell? :slightly_smiling_face: