Server shut down lost Musashi Blade

So we lost the Musashi Blades on a server shut down. Any idea the best way to get em back? I’m fairly new at the game and was hoping for some educating on where and how? Suggestions!?

Musashi’s Black Blade, that one? It is a legendary weapon, and if it is gone you’ll have to farm the bosses that drop skeleton keys and open the chests that contain legendary weapons. Thus it is simple farming, as there is no fixed drop for this weapon, IIRC…
That is, if you are on an official server. I wish you luck!

If you are on a private server, ask the admin to spawn it and give it to you.

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Yes official. Just sucks because of the crashes we lose an impossible weapon to gain back. Thank you I was hoping to see if anyone had better luck.

Ok not sure about it being in a boss chest I got all mine (about 10) from fighting the boss bear just outside the east walls of New Asagarth

Or maybe I’m confusing myself with 2 different weapons are these daggers?

If these are daggers then the bear outside the eastern wall of new asagarth if this is a sword then yes world boss chest with skeleton key

Ok it’s the sword so only way to get that is world boss chest with Skeleton key problem is that there’s like 5-7 of each weapon so 5-7 daggers, 5-7 bows, 5-7 hammers, etc etc etc … I lost the Bessie Bow about 3 months ago and I’ve tried on different occasions to get it by farming world bosses like crazy and still haven’t got it to drop …

Hope this list helps you

Holy cow man. I’m sorry! I hope u find it. Musashi blades are a kitana. And I found em in the chest from the rockBranch in shattered springs.

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