Equipted weapon missing after server reboot

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USA server 3828

Was mining star metal and as described below the server rebooted without notice while I was fighting a Sabertooth with a wolf close behind. When I logged back in and ran down to collect my loot my body was about 200 yards away from were I was fighting the sabertooth and it said I had been killed by a wolf. I picked up my equipment and ran down to the frozen lake where I was fighting the sabertooth (200 yards away) and my thrall was patiently waiting for me to return but my equipped weapon was gone. Seeing as it was a Legendary Vaulting pole I would like it returned if possible. So far playing this game lag and unannounced server reboots have been the most dangerous enemies I have faced =/

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Play game
  2. Have weapon in hand
  3. Die by wolf because server unexpectedly reboots and your body stays there as a meat snack
  4. Log back in, run down to collect your things and PRESTO! everything is there except your equipted weapon

Sorry they are not going to be able to help with a new weapon. Others have woke up with a bag in place of weapons. Like xxl left hand.

Wraith3845 have you, or are you able to make yourself Admin? Because if you are, I would highly recommend two courses of action here:

  1. Use the admin panel to spawn in your lost Legendary weapon
  2. Go into server settings and turn the ‘drop equipment on death’ setting off

If you are not sure how to do this, just send me a reply and I will tell you how to do both in a step by step process ok.

Unfortunately no, it’s a official server

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