Weapon just vanished

Hello everyone

I was doing a quest in South Africa (the first you get from the chair near Agartha entrance) and when I entered the solo dg (wrath of new Dawn) my side weapon disapeared completely! I surely didn’t sell it to any npc, checked buyback tab just in case, and was using the shotgun on my run through New Dawn ;(( I’m desperate, it’s also not in my inventory checked multiple times. Already sent in a ticket, happened like 10 min ago and the weapon was a soviet demolisher of havoc mk III, level 22 Mythic. I have it in all my preset builds and would like to have it back T-T

Has anyone already been in a situation like this?



Sometimes people briefly ‘lose’ their weapon because it’s gone and hidden itself in some voidal inventory slot. Sometimes, relogging is all you need to do to pop it back to your Inventory proper. Have you already tried to relog to see if the wayward weapon has rematerialized?

Don’t forget to also check both the Empowerment and Fusion tabs of the Upgrade Window if you haven’t already done so, since stuff can get lodged in there sometimes, as well.


Thank you so much for the response Vomher. It was in my upgrade window, I didn’t even think of checking it too, you just saved my night :joy:

Gonna close the ticket


I’m very glad to hear you found it, and I’m happy I could help!!! :purple_heart:


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