South Africa swallowed my primary weapon


I just started the mission chain in South Africa and I guess my weapon vanished while doing chores and fistfights.
I wrote a petition, but also want to report it as a bug.

My mainhand weapon is GONE! I can't play anymore :<

The hotbar swaps should just unequip/re-equip your items. Have you checked your inventory to make sure?


I even relogged and checked my bank.


Looking into it.


It is so strange, the same thing happened to me after doing the same quest (harvesting corn and fighting that guy). I read about others in the general chat having the same issue. I hope it gets fixed.


The same thing happened to me, but I thought it was on the farming mission instead, now I’m not sure. Talked to someone in-game who had the same thing happen during the fistfight.


Same for me, during the first action mission. Nothing in inventory, build manager failed to load.


Any news? It’s a bit anoying, can’t do my e10 stuff… :frowning:



My mainhand weapon is gone after I got a mission in SA.

No, my inventory wasn’t full.
Yes, I’ve relogged.
Yes, I’ve rezoned.
No, the item count on the inventory doesn’t have a different amount than the icons in my bags.

How much longer are you going to steal everybody’s main hand weapon!


Referring you to this:

“We are currently aware of an issue that is causing weapons to go missing. The devs are working on a resolution, and customer support will be happy to help restore the missing weapon. If you’re affected by this issue please open a petition immediately, and please provide the item’s name and level in your petition text. A GM will be touch as quickly as possible to assist you further.”

Please make a petition for them so they can assist you.