Sword wont leave hand

So I’ve tried relogging and restarting the server and it didn’t work. My character seems to be forever cursed holding a sword in her hand. It has disappeared from the hotbar and is not in my inventory. Anyone know a workaround or if this is a known bug?

Might be the “Phantom Weapon/Item” bug that’s plagued the game on and off since EA started. If you stil have the weapon try putting it back, weilding it, and unweilding it. Sometimes that works.

No I fixed it, tried something obvious. Just put another of the same sword type in the hotbar and it replaced it and up the phantom sword in my inventory. So in case this happens to anyone else that’s how you fix it

Out of curiousity, was this in hotbar slot 1,2, or 3, perchance?

It was in slot 2

And I’m assuming it has to be the same weapon type since I had tried it with other weapons

Basically, there’s a bug with hotbar slots 1,2, nd 3. Keep weapons out of them ATM.