My advice to Funcom on how to manage most complaints

Visit and study their website.They thrive off almost 100.% volunteers.Funcom can get volunteer Admins for all the Official servers by just offering it.I can be there first test subject.I have been playing both Conans from the start and had many servers of my own.I am just one of many that would volunteer.Funcom just study done correctly Funcom will only have to respond to mostly complaints about the Admins which would be minimal.Findagrave thrives with MILLIONS OF VOLUTEERS.

Our first creative spelling volunteer admin, how nice.

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find a grave . com, do I want to click on that? They have already stated multiple times that giving players admin rights on officials is not an option.


There are already alot of volunteers who test their game on testlive and report bugs on the forums. There are also a good handful of forum users who’ve been granted access to some moderation functionality.
You can say it’s already happening to some degree.
There’s alot to volunteer for without making a post about it. You can just volunteer to help the community.
I think that the way things are right now feel more natural. Trust is built in time and should not be granted just because you’re willing to volunteer.
Hang around these forums for a good while and I’m sure you’ll get there if you really want this “job” and prove you’re worthy of the responsibility that comes with it.
Giving admin access left and right to random people would destroy this community.

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Give you three guesses who sent this guy here, and the first two don’t count.

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Hey, I also thought “how cute” when i read the title (then the post itself)…But couldn’t there be a middle way?
From what i hear, zendesk is still swamped with requests, some of them not as reasonable/critical as others… without giving full power to any individual on a server they should let the server population upvote on tickets, and deal with tickets with highest ranking first.
Since we all have our unique Funcom ID that shouldn’t be so tricky.
That should bring to light the biggest problems at least (then you need to find a way to deal with the bottom of the pile, but that’s another step)

Ps: anyone clicked on “findagrave” yet?

I’m not planning on being buried, so I don’t see the need.

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They could do that, but I’m not a fan of that idea at all. If some griefer walls me in tomorrow on a PVE(-C) server, suddenly I have to get the rest of the server to care about that and vote on the Zendesk ticket, because otherwise I’ll never get to the front of the queue? Thanks, but no thanks :slight_smile:

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Ya your the only one that`s commented that seems to get it.All the other replies seem to be lost or confused.It takes Funcom months to reply to complaints.Doing it with your suggestion is something since nobody doing anything to solve the problem.

We’re not confused, we’re just tired of explaining over and over and over again that:

  1. the idea of using volunteers to help with server moderation has been brought up repeatedly, and
  2. it won’t work, and
  3. Funcom said they wouldn’t do it.

Maybe I don’t want to go digging around for links to older posts every time someone new thinks they came up with a novel idea without searching to see if it has been brought up before, but that doesn’t make me confused.


Ya it`s simple,Admin on a server to deal with complaints is not moderator.Funcom is open to all ideals not as you say.

“Server moderation” is what I wrote. Not forum moderation. Server. As in, moderator for a server, someone who helps solve infractions against rules, whether they have admin powers or not.

And they (Funcom) have said they wouldn’t do that.

Moderator comes from your post not mine.Lets just keep taking months to handle complaints while you complain about other people’s ideals on how to solve the problems.

Look, I’m not sure if you’re using a translator and my point is not getting across, but I’ll try again. Having volunteers help with reports of infractions of server rules will not work and Funcom said they would not do it. I hope my point is clear now.

You’re right. Let’s keep coming up with solutions that won’t work and that Funcom repeatedly stated they wouldn’t implement. I’ll leave you to discuss that.


It seems pretty clear that your not interested in anything but arguing.Out of all your comments nothing is constructive or helpful.Sooner or later Funcom will have to address the issue of speed in handling complaints/tickets.Then we will see how they do it and maybe finish this conversation with something constructive.

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Typical. You came up with an idea that won’t work, you didn’t check whether it has been brought up before, but now it’s my fault for not being “constructive” because I pointed that out. :roll_eyes:

You want constructive? Fine. Let’s get some ideas in here.

Idea 1: Improve the reporting system

This boils down to implementing the in-game UI that would allow players to create a report using the game client. This would not only make the reporting easier – especially for console users, where even taking screenshots is a pain in the ass – but it would also allow them to get better information, since the game would be able to gather relevant information (such as the precise location) at the time of reporting.

As a bonus, they could implement a server to receive those reports that would allow for better searching and grouping, based on things like location, clan, etc.

Pros: It would make reporting easier and give Funcom better tools to deal with reports faster.
Cons: It’s expensive in terms of development effort.

Idea 2: “Featured” private servers

As an alternative to official servers with little moderation, there could be a curated list of private servers that would appear as a separate category in the in-game server browser. The idea is to provide a list of popular private servers that have good admins and a nice playerbase, in a way that is easily accessible inside the game.

Pros: Gives players more choices to play on servers with admins. Relatively low-cost, as solutions go.
Cons: Doesn’t actually improve the situation on official servers. Not everyone likes mods or private servers.

Idea 3: Premium official servers

Provide a limited number of official servers that are subscription-based, i.e. paid on a monthly basis. Have dedicated admins for those servers.

Pros: Ensures that there are official servers with excellent admins.
Cons: People don’t like paying for stuff.


There you go as they say Wala something good and constructive.I knew you had it in you.
Idea 3 is very good


Best idea ever.


Here’s an idea. Improve the game design so that claim spam, wall-in, etc is impossible. No more tickets.
Rework game systems so that moderation is not required. Everybody wins.

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