My base is ruined

@Ignasi I am just sharing a development with you guys. I have just discovered that this is NOT limited to player owned structures and placeables, but affects NPC ones also. Here is a picture of the Summoning Place.


wow i see it a lil on my 1080 bubblebutt projection 60" but not like that , do you guys got nice screens and the deep color output setting engaged?

No not really. Mine is an almost 10 year old 32" LCD flatscreen 1080p. Nothing flash thats for sure. No it definately has something to do with the last update. Because I have had the game and the same old TV since launch time on ps4, and this is the first time it has looked like this. It only happened out of the blue after the Followers 2 update.

I imagine there are some stealth cows with spray cans wandering the Exiled Lands. You can’t see them because they blend perfectly into the camo background.


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