Visual Bug on Building Pieces since Followers 2 Update

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Is this a bug or intended…!? Please, please say that this is not an intended change. Whatever it is it was immediately noticeable after installing the Followers 2 update. It is a strange visual effect reminiscent of paint peeling on an ageing building. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so here is several of them.

My Black Ice Manor (main base):

My Reinforced Stone outpost:

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Install Followers 2 update
  2. Look at an existing building piece
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Looks great :wink:

New DLC :laughing:

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Even better if you have OCD, trust me… :crazy_face:


Hi @Croms_Faithful, fear not, this is an issue that we’re currently looking into and not an extravagant change to the building’s materials.


Oh god no, it has to be a bug right as those are not at all pleasing to the eyes so if its on purpose they need to put it back the way it was as this is just plain wrong.

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It’s just salt deposits from the forums building up on the exterior, right? :wink:


It is, read the message above you :slight_smile:

Someone get that man a power washer!


Only the ghost of Billy Mays can save us…


Phew! Thank goodness for that. At first I though you all may have tried to add a cold/frost effect until I saw it on my reinforced stone Unnamed City outpost too. I hope we can get a hotfix as soon as is possible. But again, thanks for the swift reply Hugo.

Thats a big job for one man, it is 3 storeys complete with east and west wings! Hell iff Billy can pull that one off I may even buy a bottle.

Thats the most my OCD has has gotten riled up in a while now. I had better not summon poor @ Dovah here. Dont do it peoples, control yourselves. :laughing:


Game mode:
[Offline | Singleplayer]

4 more snow pictures:





… when you build a house, don’t forget the roof!! :crazy_face:

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You too Yumi. Ughh…horrible to behold isnt it? It looks worse on the darker pieces, but that doesnt make it any easier to live with. Lets hope that a hotfix comes about quickly and surely hey.

Hello Croms_Faithful,
yes, already thought i can no longer believe my eyes :grinning:

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Also having problems with this on my playstation 4, it’s in the ps+ free game,

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It’s definitely only on my UK disc. The US version is fine.

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Im purely Offline Singleplayer (no PS Plus), disc version. Although it is sounding like it is definately unique to playstation.

That is very strange. We run on the EU version (UK specifically) in my country, so that could explain at least some of it. Speedice, why do you have a UK and a US copy mate…!?

If I want uncensored game play - UK version.
If I want to use the DLCs, since I am in the US - US version.

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Definitely a Playstation bug, hopefully they patch it up pretty soon

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@Hugo sorry to call you back here, but I am just sharing a development with you guys. I have just discovered that this is NOT limited to player owned structures and placeables, but affects NPC ones also. Here is a picture of the Summoning Place.

If I spot it on any other in-game locations I will post some pictures of them also.