My base so far - Crafting Room

This is the view of the crafting room from the stair landing. Behind me is the bedroom.

Same position but to the left:

Looking right


Standing in the center of the crafting room looking over the carpenter bench at the improved blacksmith bench and artisan table.

Reverse angle of the previous picture, looking at the carpenters bench from the improved blacksmith bench & artisan table.

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From center of crafting room looking at the weapons rack actually working.

Looking at the corner where the armorer table and improved armorer table are.

From a corner looking at the tannery, the armorer corner is to the left for orientation:

More to follow


Dude. That $#!^ is pretty. Well done. PvP or pve?


Here is my Map room directly beneath the crafting room.

The room is 9 x9 by two high and I got it to fit.

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