My Corpse Vanishes

Game mode: Single-player
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: Offline
Region: North America
Hardware: PS4 Original

Bug Description:

My character was climbing towards the open hole in the ceiling in the back of Bin-Yakin’s Seal, when it slipped, and died; the character landed at the bottom of the cave. No grave marker appeared on the map when the character revived. When I returned to the scene of her death, I couldn’t find a body, though I checked the walls and the ground. I thought it was weird, but thought maybe I had taken too long to return (though I don’t believe it was longer than 5 minutes).

Later, I made a poor decision in Sepermaru while I was unprepared and underarmored. My character was murdered my a mob of angry villagers, but I didn’t see her corpse while I watched the revive timer. My spawn point is less than a minute away from Sepermaru, but I still couldn’t find a body when I returned, and again, no tombstone on the map to mark her death. I went into ghost mode to look for the carcass in the undermesh, but nothing showed up.

There was a third death in the volcano caused by heatstroke that didn’t stop even after I cooled my character off (separate bug report forthcoming). The death occured near the attuned obelisk, so I was able to return quickly. But the circumstances were identical: no death marker and no body.

Expected Behavior:

A grave marker should appear at the location of a character’s death and that character’s corpse should be found there, with their loot, at least for a period of time

Steps to Reproduce:

Each one of these death’s happened after the last update, 2.4.4. The manner of death or location doesn’t seem to matter. Just load up the character and die.

Note: I’ve disabled ‘Drop Loot Upon Death’ so the worst effects of this bug are mitigated.

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