My First Little Black Panther

Followed me like a true pet does, wherever i went he did go.

I will mis him alot.

He “Walked Home” said the Event log

(*im Crying now)

B. Panther

15:00 , 10/10/2018
15:05 , 10/10/2018


Is he not at your base, as in he returned home via the scout system? Though I have been hearing reports about some animals going poof into thin air, so that might be the case here.

I lolled, nice one


I checked all, the pen, the last moved position, the place where the cub was picked up.

I walked like 30 mtrs it lived about 5 mins. “has stopped following”

Next pets i crafted and took for a walk just got stuck or stood idle half in a wall or in foundations.
(edited out a salty remark)

Seems I’d better keep that White Tiger I lucked into getting in guard mode until the system is debugged some more…

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It is said to be debugged so no worries.

They did for months on testlive i was told in this forum , so after this long long wait most bugs should be fixed as hoped and promised. The Pets is tested and approved.

So it must be me.

I also stupidly missed the announcement , about a dlc that popped up a day after that update though, that was a magical easter egg, im so delighted.

As did I. Well, I knew it was coming from people digging through the modkit/misc game client files, but the official announcement and actual release sort of came out of nowhere on that one.

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Yes lol i had the same source , had to dig for that one line.
I love the way everyone is like, wait what… euuh oh well.

Comfortably Numb

Btw the Black Panther as a (idle)moving statue is really really beautifully made.

Golden black with some light spots it’s awesopme to stand beside, i was in awe, shame it doesn’t work (yet)

I would like to observe a minute of silence for B. Panther. I hardly new him, yet I feel as if we have all lost something of ourselves this day. May he be forever bugging out and clipping through walls in NPC heaven.

Praise Crom.


Praise Crom. * boughs head with hat in hand.

Lmao @ the forever bugging and clipping


Don’t forget the customary pouring of gruel onto the ground.

Great !!! i mean R.I.P B.Panther.

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