Animal Pet Lost

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug | Performance | Misc
Server type: PvE
Region: 1008 EU

Some days ago server 1008 PVE EU crashed, i was around in the jungle with my Panther, her inventory was full with 3 T4 Thrall.
After some minuter the server come up, but no clue about my panther, she disappear, just waited some days, hoping she coming back home, with here inventory, but nothing…

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Lukx76 Char name / account Steam
  2. Region pet disappear Beach Jungle around the bridge.
  3. Panther name was Misty.
    Dont know if there is nothing Dev can do, but never found a T4 since that day… Lost 3 in one shot for server crash.

If a pet/thrall is on follow when you log out or the server goes down, they will return to the last place you put them on guard.

Usually they do, but sever goes down for only 10 minutes, and after 3 days pets is still not home.

maybe home is not where you think it is? maybe something killed your pet? check the event log (esc)

Done, no messagge for Die panther, checked my other whell in the desert, i dont have any other base.
Seems really a bug, usually after few minutes pet still there where you crashed.

If you place it to guard in front of a npc camp it will be their new home. Home doesnt mean a base of yours. It means a guarding spot. Check the entries again. Make sure you max the range slider. Does it say it returned home? I am trying to help you here because Funcom are not going to return your pet. They do not provide such support.

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No idea will check around some place, saw no messagge for panther go back home.
Ty again for suggestion.

it’s a bug reported a long time ago, pets following you if there are a reset is posible then they vanishes, i had same situation with a thralls into a midgrove dungeon.

Hello Ayok76, thank you for your bug report!

As Fastorro mentioned, it is a known issue that we’re investigating.

Narelle made a good point, as it’s possible that you’ve set your pet’s last guarding spot to someplace other than one of your bases / homes, which happens more often than not, believe me! :wink:

Also, be aware that in certain occurrences and depending on where the guard zone is, it is possible that the pet might’ve spawned within certain base structures, such as walls, so be sure to check your bases thoroughly.

Unfortunately, we’re unable to do any sort of verification within the server, or to return lost items / npcs, so we apologize for the inconvenience this issue has brought you.

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I feel compelled to jump in here with an ‘adventure’ similar to yours with a happy ending, @Ayok76.

I helped a friend with a purge and set up my best thrall, on guard, just outside his base perimeter, since we do not share a clan. We successfully defeated the purge and I returned the thrall to follow mode.

I left there with the thrall and visited three places, each time placing the thrall on guard, just to get her out of the way, really. I went to my Pagoda base, an outpost west of the Unnamed City and another outpost south of the UC, then returned to my base at Sepermeru. Tired, I logged out, but before shutting down my computer, recalled I had not put her on guard and was, therefor, going to return to her last guard position.

I immediately logged back in, placed her on guard and immediately logged out.

The next morning, she was nowhere to be found. Dismayed, I checked the log and saw one instance where she had ‘returned to base’ so I hit up my admin to ghost in to the foundations where I had put her on guard. No joy.

I spent the next two hours retracing my steps to no avail, until I got to the place we defended the purge.

So, and I chalk this up to a random glitch, she returned to the fourth previous place I put her on guard.

Please don’t give up hope, this may have happened to you. Retrace your steps, if possible, you may be pleasantly surprised.



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Will do thx, for the tips.

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