My friend now crashes when he joins my co-op world

My buddies game now crashes every time he joins my co-op world ever since the latest patch my thinking was maybe something was accidentally added or something was added that counteracted another thing that prevents crashing but I would like a little bit of like what’s going on or if it’s the consul itself thank you so much for being nice


Have you tried joining his co-op game to see if it does the same thing. Co-op is harder on a Playstation than playing online. Have not played offline or co-op in years. Hopefully some one will read this with more information. @Plane873funny

Greetings Exile,

Thank you for reaching out to us. Does your friend see any error messages when crashing?

Also, is your console on a wireless or wired connection?

Additionally, please try to stand close to their character’s body before they log in and ask them to give it another try.

We await your reply.

Yes! Lots of friends can’t play because of the same situation!

My friends tried lots of times and still crashed

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