My Game at PS5 doesn't launch

Hello There i did all the necessary update that’s game required and nothing happens… i try to shut of my ps5 for a couple of minutes nothing happens i try to restart still the same … deleted the game anddownloaded again still the same problem…

Greetings from Hell! And welcome to our forum.

Thank you for your report. Can you share with us if you receive any error messages?

Also, is your console on a wired or wireless internet connection?

We appreciate your patience while we review your case.

Not when i just start launching the game after loading screen disappears is everything black i checked all cords of the console i remove all of them and reconnect them again nothing happens still the same

And i use wired connection


Thank you for your reply. Please try to get your console into safe mode and attempt to change the screen settings.

Here’s more information on how to proceed from the platform holder:

“Select Change Resolution or Change HDCP Mode. These options can be helpful when troubleshooting issues with blank screens.”

We hope this helps!

No doesn’t work i tryed both of thems… still the same… maybe am gonna ask for refund…


We appreciate you trying the troubleshooting steps. We shared the information with our team for more investigation.

Please, keep your eyes on your forum notifications as we might reach out in private to request more details.

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Ok thank you! :+1:

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What gonna happen with the bug/glitch? ive been Waiting for responding so many day’s… and no one answered… i was checking the forum every day for new but nothing…


Thank you for your reply. We shared the information with our team and they are still hard at work trying to narrow down what might be the cause of the issue.

We appreciate your assistance and understanding.

Hello🤘 ! I think i find the solution at my issue/problem … i tryed something new for me , yesterday i had idea to delete my Game Save Data(corrupted data probably) from my ssd of ps5 and works with no problem , but i still Have my insecurities if This gonna happen again when am gonna play 1 or 2 stage’s and my Game Save Data gonna corrupted again…

Hey! :metal:

Thanks for letting us know. If by any chance it happens again, please take note of as many details as you can. Such as: what stage you were in, how long you’ve been playing, what weapons you used, what enemies are on screen, etc.

Any additional detail is appreciated by our dev team!

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