Please help! i cant play on ps5

So i just installed this game to my ps5, i had it before on ps4 and love the game but had increasing issues with lagg and such. Then i got a ps5 and it just wont start any game. The cutscene at start works perfect but when i choose map it craches within 20 sec at loading and it does not mather if i start a server or go solo.

Is there any fix? I loved this game and was so exited to play again only to face this wich makes the game compleetly unplayable! Please i need help, what can i do to fix this? Reinstalation does not help and i have the latest update and i have the disk in the console.

I really need and beg for help!
Regards Nakari

The only thing I can tell you is my wife and I have been on PS5 since December and it play,s better than on ps4
Have not played with any settings or much of the new goodies that are new. I know some people with ps5 that the game is rolling along fine. @Nakari95 Hopefully others can give you more insight.

As said i loved this game so im so sad that i cannot even play solo. I have only installed it and reinstalled it, not done anything with settings and have good internett connection. On my ps4 it does run but extreemly laggy while on ps5 i get “something went wrong with game/app” message (no error code) no matther what server or solo map i try to enter.

I did a complete uninstall and reinstall without updates now and without updates i can play on vanilla exiles lands solo but thats long before isle of sipta and the season stuff that i have and have paid for :frowning:

I guess im stuck playing solo vanilla in the desert if im to play at all

Edit: Now i have tried around with updates and i am able to play exiled lands but not siptah map at all. So whats wrong with the siptah update?

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