Unable to launch

game version-1.008.000
Bug, loading issue

when trying to load the game, the game just simply does not launch. i played for about 6 hrs and switched to a different game and doesn’t work. ive tried deleting the game and reinstalling,ive turned off my ps5. ive restored license, ive done a little bit of everything.

i click on the game to play and simply get a black screen thats stuck.
besides this issue love the game.

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Welcome to the Forum. You should have version 1.90 or 1.91 that could be your problem we had 2 updates recently

there is no other update for the game. ive checked for update and says i have the latest one

1.91 was the latest one double checked my downloads before posting. Are you connected to internet. Not doubting you but my wife and I both had to wait for it to finish last week. @Iko_45

yea i have, i just recently bought the game like after the dlc dropped when i bought. are you ps5 ? with ps5 version because i was playing when i first bought and i keep checking for another version of the game and still nothing

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I apologize Metal hellslinger popped up in Conan-Exiles post category. I should have read closely some times other games get crossed. Have a great day. Post a report to Zendesk Funcom. com I assume they have it for your game. @Iko_45

Greetings from Hell! And welcome to our forum.

Thank you for your report. We shared the information with our team for more investigation.

Please keep an eye on your forum notifications as we might reach out in private to request more information.

We appreciate your patience while we review your case.

thank you

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