Newer player on PS4 and the game won't even play anymore

Hi there! So I got the game recently apparently just a day or 2 after the sorcery update came out. I immediately fell in love with the concept and how everything worked. I noticed all the bugs and such but it wasn’t game breaking for me. Went ahead and bought the game again to play with my girlfriend and picked up a couple dlcs. Rented a private server in gforce so we could have our very own world and reduce all the bugs and such. Everything actually went well up until a couple days ago. I was playing on Thursday like normal when the game froze (as per its usual routine). I closed the application and restarted but to no avail. So I shut down everything and tried another restart and this time it took 3 or 4 attempt to even get to the menu screen. After getting there I’d tried to hop onto any server (mine or public) and it gets stuck in a load loop. I tried over and over to no avail. Reached out to gforce but there’s nothing wrong on their end. So I decided to do a full hard reboot of my ps4 pro, redownloaded the game. It finally loaded up!.. For a grand total of 20 seconds before it froze up and never came back. Now I’m back to not being able to load at all.

Like I said I’m a new player and was wanting to get my friends into the game but now it just seems like a big waste of money. I can’t even play the damn game, my ps4 pro sounded like was about to explode even when it was working. If this game wasn’t meant to work on this system it shouldnt be available. Fix the damn game or give us our money back.


Welcome the Forums @Spiderj904 , you may want to be a little cautious with your last sentence, written words last forever on the Forums, but I understand the sentiment behind it.

Thanks for taking the time man. Fellow PS4 player here, I agree with the sentiment. A return to a working stable version of this game, (Dear Funcom, we don’t need the updates).

Conan is currently the only game of its type, its building feature alone for miniature modellers is worth the cost of game and DLCs, in addition it has tremendous content that already takes years to fully explore, a stable static version of 2.8 or 2.9 would be amazing.
Sorcery is great, but a 2.9 with a transmog bench, would be the PERFECT GAME!

(I mean throw in the teleportation stones and wowzers) but seriously a 2.8 or 2.9 version that is stable and a transmog bench and new players that come to conan would continue rave about this game. add-in Co-op. Woot woot. Sorry got a little carried away there.

welcome to the Forums.


I’m just frustrated. I really love the game just really tired of every time I try to load up its the roll of the dice if it’ll actually work. If sorcery is the problem we don’t need it. I just wanna play and build and craft all the sort of stuff. The building probably most reminds me of no man’s sky (which is an amazing game for building btw). I bought conan specifically because the building intrigued and love the aesthetic. Just give us a stable game… And maybe let console player level up more than 60. I don’t want money I want a game I can play every day. Thanks for the welcome!


You’re preaching to the choir brother, I’m all in. I re-installed ARK to get my building fix, didn’t know I could build in No Man’s Sky, appreciate it.

I agree a stable version, that doesn’t get patched with a re-introduction of game crashing bugs every 3 months moving forward. I want a stable version of this game to play.

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If you really want to love this game you need to accept that this will happen in future too. I am sure after some month the game will be fine again but then the next big update comes and you need to be patient again.

I can accept that this game is not for ps4 anymore but at this time ps5 has the same problems so I am optimistic that the current problems will be fixed. But because I know this game from day one on PS I have the bad feeling it will not change this year. The next chapter is coming with new content and allegedly no fix for current console issues.

Don’t expect any timely fixes but they will surely come at some point. Just try to enjoy it anyway or later when things are fixed

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That’s the thing. The game was already great. If new content makes it so much glitchier, no thanks. I love new content, but not at the expense of being able to play properly. IF Funcom is able to deliver both, great. If not, they should rethink it. As it stands, it’s far from unplayable on PS5, but it’s in much worse shape than it was. On PS4, the complaints are many. They could release a PS4 version pre 3.0, perhaps and leave it at that. At least PS4 players could still enjoy the game they paid for.


Oh you are in for a treat my friend! Honestly the building IMHO is one of the best in gaming. It takes some getting used to be once you understand how it all works its downright insane what you can make. Biggest drawback is there’s a build limit and not enough building material variety. If you’re interested message me and I’ll send you some examples of what you can make in it.

Stability is everything. I like new stuff but damn, I wanna play.

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Did you purchase a physical copy or digital?
If physical, see if you can get a refund from the merchant for selling something that doesn’t work.
If digital, lodge complaints directly with Sony.


No one should accept that until they pull the game from the PS4 store.
If Funcom sells it on a platform, it should function with reliability on that platform.


Do you have your server to restart once a day? Are others having the same trouble getting on. I ask because my wife and I have 2 server’s and not having the problem of loading. Some invisible npc here and there and on Siptah invisible beasts. On official this morning loading using battle standard froze. @Spiderj904 and by the way welcome to the Forum. If you would like to try jumping on one of ours just to see what happens give me a shout. I hope everything clears up for you.

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Ps we are playing on ps4

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You are a Rock @sestus2009 !

@sestus2009 , did you find any improvement in performance or stability since the patch last week?


I honestly don’t recall a patch last week was it a Sony patch or Funcom? I will admit its been a bit crazy here hurricane last week could have happened with out us realizing. @Damon . We were playing on a friend’s private server and things were working well of course we were the only one on. Heard today he had to shut it down do to health issues and employment can not blame him for that. We camped out at Sinners refuge gathering thralls.


Welcome to the Forum. I wish you I could help perhaps my husband sestus2009 can. For several days i couldn’t even get on our sever’s
Finally found out it was my tv was fried


I wish that I could be more helpful . We have a friend @stelagel lives in Greece and the game for him playes better on our US server’s than his locals. We have been at this since the game came out. Can’t say why some people have issues and others don’t. A few weeks ago my wife started on a PVE-C server . She went to login and already had character. Next morning I reluctantly decided to join her [not a official fan] somehow I had a character there also turns out a male character. Problem was invisible doors walls you could not see construction hammer setting things down outside the whole building this was a small base. We give up found another PVE-C official server just as bad decided to go back home so to speak. On north side of newbie river in both cases no giant bases nearby. Our server is pve-c without that issues. I am perplexed. At this point we are not using Sorcery other than transmog tables but others are.


Yeah I may have misspoke, Patch, Update whatever it was, I thought something dropped last week about 6 hours after I uninstalled Conan for what is probably the third time now, I guess.

Yeah just keep popping in. I am re-installing the game so I can test out each Update. I spent a week playing other games to see if my PS4 is acting up but happily everything seems to run well, so I will play Conan cautiously and if we hit a stable build and then try to disable future updates. Just waiting to hit that ol’ pre 3.0 stability plateau.

Thanks for your responses bud, It helps me when people share their issues, helps me curtail my play and avoid obvious high risk crash activities. Sorcery (other than transmorg) and BP tabs are now forbidden actions in my gameplay, but it is helpful to hear other crash issues.


Here is a little tip from me for your PS4 Pro.
Your PS4 Pro sounds like this because it needs a good clean.*

(*Completely disassemble, remove the carpet of dust from the cooler and put in new thermal paste.)

This should be done once a year.

I do it myself with mine because I used it a lot, now I also play PS5 but my son uses my old PS4 Pro and there is no sound no matter how much power a game needs.

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