My game bugged after the last update

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my account bugou on server 1977 pve-c, I was lvl 48 very happy of life when I was inventing to remove the bracelet to commit suicide my character, when I removed the bracelet, gave fatal error and I can not access the server 1977 pve-c , but I can access other servers, please fix this, my friends are all on the server 1977 pve-c, I logged in other pcs with the same account and really the error game every time I try to access the server 1977 pve-c, I even waited for the daily server reset but it did not

The only workaround to this issue that i’ve seen successfully reported is to start the game. go into your settings and turn you settings to low and unflag your vsinc. this will temporarily get you back into the server but as soon as you try and remove your bracelet again the fatal error comes right back. Also, your bed and bedroll may or may not have to be picked up in order to spawn. i’ve seen it both ways.

Thank you, I’ll test.

did not work apparently I will not be able to play server again 1977

my issue was resolved in the update patch on 06/19/2018