My game freeze after the last patch

Hello My freeze game since the last update which makes it unplayable. Can someone help me to solve the problem? Thank you.

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I’m having the same problem. Frame rate dropping to like 1-7 FPS, other players are complaining of the same thing on Steam.

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Same for me. :confused:
The game works fine on the island of siptha map but its unplayable on the exiled lands (both official servers).

I already checked some troubleshooting posts and changed my graphic settings but nothing worked so far…

My internet connection is ok and my task manager shows that the workload of my hardware drops to 0% during the freezes but i can still tab out and navigate through the os, steam and the browser without any problems…its a bit confusing for me why this happends only on the exiled lands map…
If i tab out during a freeze i usually got disconnected from the server, if i stay ingame i can go on after a couple of secounds but my character tends to repeat the last input command i made (for example keep moving forward…)
Oh yes and i had 0 problems in the starting area…but maybe its just a coincidence.

Sadly i cant say if this happened after the the last patch cause im new to the game and i havn’t played on the exiled lands map before…

Any suggestions, beside stay on island of siptha? :slight_smile:

Many people have the same problem. I imagine that Funcom will resolve the problem quickly.

This is stupid Steams forum is filled with the same issue

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I hope so, if noone talks they are maybe not aware of it…or lets say how many ppl got those issues…

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