My game keeps crashing

I have tried sevral times every thing that has been sugested but nothing seems to work i have tried to launch single player but it still crashes i have updated driver i have verified game stuff and backed up game i have tried most every thing but still to no sucess

Running any mods? If so, verify the crashes still occur with them disabled. Often if a mod isn’t compatible with the latest update, it will cause crashes. Check recent comments of mods and/or when they were last updated (such as several months ago) as anything really old should be suspect.

No i dont have any mods last time i played the game was on relese day on a offical server

@Audunn, you do not say what platform you are on: PC/Playstation/etc or whether there are any messages when it crashes.
Can you get in on Solo?
If you can then change to another official server that has a low ping.
Good luck

If you play on PC, take your computer to a reputable repair shop. It also helps if you actually give some technical information other then just your personal whine. Might also help if you post this in the proper forum… wouldn’t surprise me one bit if you are not running battle eye on a serer that requires it.

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