My official server AOW solo start pvp run

Chapter 1:

Being a good few hundred hours over 8K now this might be my final run, official pvp solo #1060 (for the love of crom don’t play there though but everyone should know bloodkrul I am a loudmouth afterall :smiley: ) so I figured id document my last journey, this is a 10 day run in age of war.

These videos are long form content, its a mix of looting burglary, open world pvp, tips and some raiding later, then the big finale… :smiley: im realizing while editing its very long so going to have to have several chapters.

Hope someone enjoys it at least, I had some fun.


So got Chapter 2 Edited and upped, Raid or be Raided :smiley:

at about 18 minutes I demonstrate near precog levels of intuition :smiley:

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CE AOW-Complete Official PVP run Part:3 Finale or Fizzle? - YouTube so the grand finale.

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