'Pale Chef returns' full series! [PvP, RP playthrough]

It’s been a while since I posted new videos here. Well, that’s because I’ve been busy playing/editing the latest great playthrough with my friends! It took us across 3 official servers and lasted the entirety of Chapter 3 of Age of war. The final episode is released, so now I can finally present to you full series in a single post! Enjoy!


I really enjoy your videos, on my next to play!


That’s great @Kilix
I’ve been watching the individual episodes as you posted them. Just finishing episode 5.

Top Team has been a big thorn in your side. You just want to cook!

P.S. Love your art too! :blue_heart::+1:


Indeed! The innocent Spider only wants to cook good food and feed exiles :confused:


Your videos are such a treat to watch. Great editing, excellent use of background music, and witty commentary in those text boxes.

And I love people with silly projects in the game, especially in PvP, which I think too many people take maybe a bit too seriously.


True. @Kilix is the most talented director i ever seen in Conan exiles videos. If Neebs gaming weren’t so professionals when creating gaming videos, he would be over them too.


Thank you! But let’s be honest, Ceronesthes is the best (My unofficial teacher)!
Also Oldcraig. The two titans of Conan exiles storytelling!


You are right there with them afaiac. You offer an alternative storytelling method and subject.

All 3 of you create and inspire.


On playing yes :rofl:. On knowledge yes. More experienced, yes.
On directing no. He was in this forum you know, it was a mistake he left.

Ps. I like Quentin a lot :laughing:.

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I finally found the time to watch these all to the end.

I have deep respect for your incredible perseverance in the face of adversity. The will to struggle on despite disastrous setbacks. The determination to overcome odds that were so clearly against you. The ability to turn rivals into allies, even if temporarily. An eye for the aesthetic in an environment that encourages pragmatism.

You deserved that win.

I’m not a PvP player, or even a multiplayer, but if I was, I’d feel honored to fight by your side. Or at the very least, I’d feel utter terror of ever making an enemy out of you.


Love the adventures of Pale Spider/Chef - think i’ve watched them all multiple times :smiley: - the artwork really adds another dimension to them


Thats absolutely true!
Everything in your videos is true, for anyone who ever played pvp and met peaks and bottoms in a snap of fingers.
That’s the beauty of this game.
That’s the reward to learn the game, not the victory, but the people who joined your imaginary plan and follow you to the end.
Consider your self lucky my friend because you grabbed the ultimate treasure of this game. Keep it safe in your heart, it’s the only real thing this game has and no one can raid it or steal it. I am happy for you my fellow exile!

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Thank you and I’m glad you enjoyed the vids ^^ Indeed, I’m trying to be as honest as possible. I’m not a good fighter and my preparation for pvp is always on a low level (I’m literally being forced to craft epic sets by Lithy :<, otherwise I just tend to run around in non epics, cos that way I’d not feel shame losing them as much).
But my patience is what I’m personally proud of.
Honestly, I’ve been playing this game for a long time, long before even the horses existed and I did give up a lot after being wiped.
I’d say that I started developing patience during my Tress on Siptah playthrough. What kept me going was the desire to get a good story from playing. Giving up early would simply ruin any chances. So I just kept rebuilding until it worked ^^

(For context, Tress on Siptah is my very first CE playthrough, which is less edited than my current videos. I’d say it’s a rather boring watch, but I keep it up for one specific reason - it happens on the pre-rework Siptah, showing the map in its earliest, no longer available form. The series is more a documentary, or a time capsule of sort)

@Yasma Glad to hear that :slight_smile: More is coming in the future!

@stelagel Indeed, I love all those great guys and gals I’ve met on the way ^^ Even the enemies (not all…)


What’s pvp without rivalries?
I know that in times some people manage to make you literally hate them :rofl:.
But what the game would be without them hah? So yes they are equally precious because they give you targets. And that’s exactly is the reason @Kikigirl said this…

They are not fake, they are true.
No matter if a player battles perfect or not, this is a game of decisions on panic moments. Make the wrong ones and pay the price. People say, there’s no penalty on death… They didn’t play pvp i guess :rofl:.
Multiple times after i lost a whole base through a raid i was sitting down and think what i did wrong.
Many times that some people were fighting better i was trying to learn what they do and how they do it.
Pvp is the best pve school, you have to calculate every move, every action and be intense the whole time, wonderful feeling.
But pvp demands performance!
Pvp demands fair play!
Loose one from the above and feel sick of it in seconds.

Ps. Sorry if i went a bit of topic, i didn’t want to highjack your wonderful topic and filming effort!

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Well, it seems to me that many PvPers who consider themselves to be “above average” are overestimating their own skills. You’re playing a corrupted build, and using suboptimal equipment, and you still have a fighting chance against your adversaries, so at least you don’t completely suck at fighting. And you’re able to use your wits and creativity to compensate for whatever you lack in motoric skills. It’s much more interesting to see people using their brain to overcome their enemies, rather than just raw skill.

It takes a special kind of crazy to want to create a narrative role-playing experience on a public PvP server. But it’s that kind of context that makes you the protagonist in your stories even when you’re nuking someone else into oblivion, because there’s a purpose to that mass destruction beyond the base (if excusable) desire to crush your enemies, see them driven before you and hear the lamentation of their women.

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