My single player server settings reset every time i log in

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [North America]

Every time i go into it everything is back on the defaults it even seems to reset the difficulty, i have to re-enable admin and manually change all the settings back

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

I’m a PC player. so I’m not 100% sure on Xbox.

But here goes, some server settings need to be set before character creation.
If you try to change them after, they will just reset.

On PC I could tell you a workaround.
But I don’t know anything about how to do it on xbox

It’s worse than thought actually some settings reset even in the main menu when i load up the game, i should have listened to my brother, this was a bad purchase it seems,

I’m sorry you feel that way.

Have you tried starting a new game, with the settings you want, before character creation?

OK that actually seems to have fixed the issue, i was able to load in and they stayed the same, thank you so much, and sorry for the drama,

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Hello @Thanotos-Omega, thank you for sharing your findings with us, do you recall which exact settings you’ve changed that kept reverting to default values?

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