Single Player Game Settings Reset

Game mode: Singleplayer
Problem: Bug
Region: N/A

Periodically, the settings for a single player game will reset to a default. It’s not one of the default single player presets (Civilized, Decadent, etc.). Instead, it resets to something that looks like a standard PvP server configuration. (PvP enabled, abandonment enabled, purge enabled at level 6 with 24 purges per day, restricted to the evening hours).

This is fantastically annoying.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Start the game
  2. Change the server settings for your single player game
  3. Play and restart the game several times
  4. The server settings eventually revert to some predefined default
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Few questions…

  • Do you ever check the settings from the main starting menu during those resets, or are you checking them in-game?

There’s a bug where the nudity setting will return to default if you check it from the main menu settings. Maybe it’s affecting other settings too.

  • Do you switch between servers and/or singleplayer at all, or stick to just singleplayer?
  • Do you have any other xbox accounts on the same console that also play the game?

These 2 questions are related. The 1st time I used a secondary xbox account to start a new singleplayer character, my settings from my main account transferred over to the custom options on the new account’s character automatically. Probably because I already had the game booted up when I switched accounts so it remembered my settings.
I’ve started a bunch of new characters on that 2nd account now and they always have those same custom settings in the custom option, not the default ones.
So maybe its possible you’ve got settings from another server overwriting yours if you’re switching between servers somehow.

  • Also, what’s making you reset several times, and what happens to make you notice they’ve changed?

The only setting I’ve noticed change back by itself is the contextual controls. I’ve messed with crafting times, thrall and pet hunger, abandonment, and the day/night cycle on my solo game. They all seem to keep their settings the way i want them.

I did see the purge settings change to default when they patched out the Halloween event, but that was the only time. Unfortunately I tried to set it back to how it was, so now I have the stuck purge meter bug and I’ve never actually seen a purge happen yet.

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It’s not the nudity setting (or any local client settings). It’s the actual “server” configuration settings in the single player game. The reason that I’ve noticed it is that I turn decay off on structures, and also adjust the normal day-night/dusk-dawn cycles so they’re less ridiculous (full moon racing across the sky, I’m looking at you). All of that gets reset, as I described.

I’m also the only person who ever uses my Xbox, and I only have one account.

Those are the same settings I’ve changed and they’ve never reverted.

Do you ever check the settings from the start menu, or just in-game? You didn’t answer this question.

The reason I brought up nudity is because checking the settings from the main starting menu is known to change this particular setting. If you ever check the settings before you’re actually loaded into your solo game, that might also cause the server settings to reset to default as well.

I don’t believe you can check server settings if you’re not actually in the game (unless you’d starting a new one). In any case, always in the game. And the settings that changed were everything from the purge, to PvP and container settings, to day/night cycle, crafting times, etc. Everything reverts to some preset default that looks like what you’d see on a multiplayer PvP server.

It’s almost as if the game thinks the single player configuration has been corrupted somehow, and is reverting all settings back to a known default.

Could be.

I’ve got a very buggy solo game but I haven’t experienced this, so I’m just asking the kind of questions that’ll help the devs track it down.

Out of curiosity, is your purge meter still filling?

It has been, yes. Interestingly, one of the times that the reset happened was after a purge. The purge had completed, I exited the game a bit later. The next time I started it, the settings had reset. I set them back, and they stuck for 3-4 sessions and then reset again.

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