My story and one request

I am writing here because I want to ask if is here someone who is willing to help me. I would really apreciate it. Last weekend I had the opportunity to try Conan Exiles for free and I really enjoyed the game. I wish I could continue playing the game but I can’t afford it because of issues in my life.

Who am I?

First of all my name is Todd. I am a 20 years old male from The Netherlands. I was studying Computer Science this year, but because of some personal (Mental issues) and home (Financial) situations I had to drop out this year and hopefully be able to study next year.

I love to read books and play survival genre games with my friends, besides that I love hanging out with my friends. They are really the reason why I still can enjoy going through my day. I am diagnosed with Dysthymia (Chronic Depression), however my friends and family don’t know this yet. Because of that I lost the enjoyment in many things.

Why can’t I buy the game?

As mentioned, we have some financial troubles at home that keeps me from buying the game. This may sound weird but my parents were declared bankruptcy, they don’t have a company or something. They were declared bankruptcy as just they don’t own anything anymore and have a capital of 0. For a reason, I am not that comfortable of telling, they had a debt of 60k euro. This happened last year and it caused for major trouble and changes within the family. We are listed on a company that administrates our money and payments. My parents don’t receive the money they work for and we get a certain amount of money each week for groceries. The children are working as well, but we all give the money to our parents to have it more easier. I do have the money to purchase the game, but I don’t have the opportunity to do so. I can’t spend it on a game or something else really. That’s the reason why I wrote this request.

Thank you for taking your time to read this.

I can’t help with money, however, as for depression…had it most of my life. Just know you are not alone, and eventually things will get better…took 40 years for me, but eventually I got there…lol.

Hope someone helps you out mate. Dag!

PS I am learning dutch, thought I would try out a word on u…heh

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Depression is very isolating, I live with it and so does most of my family. That being said, I can only offer you a few of my own details: I find online games not really a good antidote for the kind of personal suffering that I experience. Video games tend to limit introspection and provide stress relief in a non-constructive or self-improving way.

Having no money is very common but it isn’t anything that should keep you down, especially since you are a computer science major (don’t quit!) - there are plenty of places, even online ones, that you can go to make money with your talents.

The best advice I’ve ever received was by someone else who suffered from depression, and they said that even if I am feeling miserable and down, try to go to a public place (with wifi) and just be in the moment amongst total strangers. Being there you won’t ever feel alone. Good luck.

p.s. Post here more - can’t wait to here how things are going

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