Mysterious problem of players suddenly not being able to rejoin servers?

So earlier I posted a bug regarding one of our clan members who was unable to rejoin the server (in our case an official server) - can’t see it on the list, cannot direct connect, and cannot join through players who are in the server. They are told the server is unavailable. They tried all the suggested fixes (reinstall, reset router, etc) and still have the issue. As a result they gave up playing on the server.

Since then I have learned that a player with another clan is having the exact same issue and has given up as well.

Looking through forum posts the last several weeks, I see others explaining similar situations (with people suggesting fixes) but I never see anyone say that the problem has been resolved? What is going on? Is this a Conan issue or Gportal issue??

Feels like there is a real problem here.

Not sure if this is the same issue but ALL players on our server cannot see the server in the server in the list or join after the first person gets in after a server restart. They cannot join of others via steam either the only way to see and join is to select ALL from the combat mode drop down top center server list screen. Hope this helps you.

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