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Server Name: Torment Dungeons&Dragons 18+[e] RP-PvP
Server Address:
Discord Link: Torment Discord
Torment Website: Torment RP Website
Start at max
Gathering x3
Many races and classes

Welcome to Sigil, the City of Doors. Sigil is the hub of the Great Wheel, a city at the center of the Outlands, the most balanced and neutral areas at the center of the planes. Also known as the “City of Doors” for the multitude of portals that lead to other planes of existence. Sigil will serve as the gateway between seasons on the Torment server. Each season can be a different Dungeons and Dragons campaign setting, be it Forgotten Realms, Ravenloft, Dark Sun, Eberron, etc.

It is even possible to take your character from one campaign to another by unlocking a door in Sigil. If you can find the correct key to the correct door.

The current season is set in the popular Dungeons & Dragons campaign setting, The Forgotten Realms

Current mods: Pickup+, Conan Sexiles, RP Aesthetics, Fashionist, Thrall War Dungeon Mod, Improved Quality of Life, Less Buildint Placement Restrictions, Dudes Delightful Decorations, ExilesExteme_FeatBlocker, ExilesExtreme, Thrall War Decorations, Emberlight, Glass Constructions and More, Dungeon MasterTools, SlaverMod, Pippi, GrimProductions, Crassus

Server Details

  • Dungeons and Dragons based rules
  • Seasonal story arcs in varios D&D campaign settings (Current setting lore is Forgotten Realms)
  • Races and Classes of D&D with simple spell system (Play as demons, ratmen, wights, vampires, etc, complete with prosthetics)
  • All characters start at max level
  • Gather rate x3
  • PvP Building Damage Off (Unless a raid is declared on you or your clan)
  • Only owner can loot player corpse
  • Items in inventory are kept on death
  • Max Clan Size 10
  • Zero tolerance to OOC drama and harassment
  • No offline raiding


Sample RP spell mages can cast.

Contagion - This spell inflicts disease upon its intended target. A contested roll must be made with a +2 to the casters roll. If successful the diseased status in inflicted and one of the following diseases are chosen by the caster.- Fleshrot - This disease inflicts the Leper status upon its victim. Fleshrot is not communicable. - STD - Your character has been infected with a sexually transmitted disease. This disease can spread to others unless treated. Transmission is a contested role with the infected adding +4 to their roll. - Filth Fever - A raging fever runs rampant through the characters body. Sweats, chills, vomiting and diahrea are the symptoms. The character is inflicted with the weakened status until cured.


Vampire from our server.


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Tiefling on the prowl.

New website added for easier rules navigation.

We summon you to play with us. Enjoy rp and pvp with a little e.

A new server with wonderful admins and great roleplayers. Come fight a fierce battle with Dragons alongside your fellow Man or Outlanders Be brave and seek the darkest dungeons or relax in a tavern at the end of the day. Events, quests and player created dungeons await!

Join up today! Have some fun with us.