Naked White Haired Men at Workstations

Game mode: [ Online private (G-Portal) ]
Type of issue: [ Bug ]
Server type: [ PvE ]
Region: [ EU ]
Hardware: [ Series X ]

Bug Description:

Two smelter thralls and one tanner thrall suddenly turned into white haired naked males on my Series X, only two of us on the server, my friend is playing downstairs on a One X and the same thralls look normal on her console. I did a search on Google and this issue has happened before back in 2018, this was on PC and mods were the possible culprit, I am on console so definitely not mods.

Expected Behaviour:

Thralls to not change sex and lose there clothing.

Steps to Reproduce:

I have not a clue, no problems before this really aside from the usual server lag.

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thats ur answer …

Server lags, and u dont get normal textures in time for me ( PC) this thing is always happening when server has 20+ players and i am just joining and entering rendering range… Thats not even bug from how i experienced, that is basically caused by that - server dont send data fast enough , so u are getting original npc skin that is basically ‘‘Naked geralt of rivia’’’

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This has been happening on and off on Ps4 for along time.

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There is only ever two of us on the server, it is a private G-Portal server, both Xbox’s are on a wired connection on two separate routers, we are also in the same house, she is downstairs and I am upstairs.

The naked white haired man you speak of is like the basic template so it sounds like maybe your console just didn’t load in correctly.

just a loading issue, like ur benches being invisible or doors not appearing. or wierdly standing at the station with their arms out like a T. it goes away eventually, or if not, enjoy your naked white haired men. be open minded. lmfao

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U said urself this - this is the answer as those 2 before my post already now told ur console dont load textures in time causing basic texture appear… also u will get invisible doors or fall into foundations or fly in air with this also

Hello @Darkspire, as it has been mentioned in the thread the white haired man is the default model that intentionally shows on the crafting stations while the intended model is in queue to load and take its place, or fails loading.

In short, this might not exactly be considered a bug, but rather a symptom of a performance issue, such as the number of art assets (models, textures) in memory exceeding the budget for the platform you’re playing on.

Could you provide more information about how often do you experience this, how early it happens in your play session, and whether it happens in an area with a large number of thralls, building pieces, and placeables?

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It might be a nice QoL feature for all versions of the game if players could customize their placeholder Model in the option menu, since the placeholder ought to be a client side model, rather than something that is determined Server side.

If you wanted to get fancy with it, you could offer more customization options for placeholder models as an unlockable reward for each completion of the game… a Prestige Reward of sorts.

Has happened four times now, I keep a close eye on the ping and yes it does seem to be lag on the server that causes it, if the ping is above 60 then it happens, G-Portal need to add another couple of server farms in the UK, I’m the middle of the country, we need one in the middle and one in the north as well to reduce the lag, seems a bit of an oversight to only have one farm for the whole of the UK.

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