Name change in game

How can I change my in game name?

By re-creating your character or using mods.

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There are some mods such as CharEditLite that will allow you to reenter customization to do this. If you are on an unmodded server (such as an Official), then it’s something that can be done only during the initial character creation process (i.e. when you see the scroll with your crimes, you click edit then can click onto and edit your name).

Thanks. I would hate to lose it all though.

That stinks. I was hoping may e an admin could do it.

If you’re on a modded/private server, there are some tools that the admin of that server might be able to use to accomplish this (the Pippi mod for example). However, there’s no facility on Official servers for this sort of thing.

I play on an official so looks like I’m stuck with it

That’s what Family Sharing is for, erasing bad name choices. Create an alt, make a new toon, get that toon jumped into your clan. Level in about 2 hours if you’re taking time to smell the roses, faster if not. De-rank your original toon, and delete him – or better yet, use him to solve the game! #nospoilers

(That’s a solution I’ve recently suggested to one of the players on my server, so I’m putting my money where mah mouth is.)


Worked to get rid of the Male character I started with. Girls have more Fun. :smirk:


If you are in a clan, and they have the mats, it won’t take yo long to re-level…but you will lose all the “found” recipes.

Hit me up with a DM if you want to know how, all legit mechanics btw…but you know trade secrets :wink:

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yep, and if your clan has the basic mats any clan has when they hit level 60, we are tlking a few hours. This does not require a tricky RNG recipe to get either. Just all the basics one would get if they grinded themselves.

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