Change name, race

Yes I want to change my name, race in the game
Is that possible and if so how?

Press Escape, click “Recreate Character”.
You will lose everything.

In single player you can get a mod to change your character’s appearance without losing anything.

I do not want to lose anything and I am on my server

If it’s your server then you could install the mod for both the server and the client, then change your appearance.

What’s the name of the mod, and how can I install it on my Dedicated Server

The mod should be called “pippi”
You need to copy the pippi.pak and a textfile namend “modlist.txt” with “pippi.pak” writen in its first line to your folder “ConanSandbox/mods”.

Both on Client and Server Path.

Then the server will have mods enabled. When you “Make yourself Admin” and press shift+insert for the “cheat-menu” you see much more options thanks to pippi. You can also customize your appearance there.

Are you alone on your server? Are you on a guild?

Recreate the character - Upgrade it to your actual level - Ask a mate to join the guild again.

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