Nameplates bind?

Does anyone know if it’s possible to bind the showing/hiding of nameplates? I’ve already rebound QuickLootNavTakeAll so I don’t mind managing my input.ini. Nameplates can sometimes make it really hard to see when battling multiple npcs.

I belive that there is check box in the options menu, maybe gameplay? That if checked show nameplates, unchecked don’t show names, It could be a server setting also.

Yes but they want a keybinding to make it easy to toggle on and off without opening menus.

I want this too, actually. Also nameplates should ‘not’ show up when you hide the UI, but they do.

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Ah…I like it…I like it a lot.

Actually had an AHK script to toggle it in ARK but find the menus in Conan sometimes unresponsive which will most likely lead to undesirable outcomes.

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