Option to disable "Non functional" placeable nameplates

As the title says. Running though my decorated base my crosshair often passes over tables, barrels, cups and what-have-you.

It gets a bit offensive on the eyes seeing the big ol’ nameplates flash up multiple times for a fraction of a second everytime I go down a hallway. Granted I could not decorate, but whats the point of being able to then?

We could even take this option a step further and reduce the range nameplates and menus do show up when looking at functional interactables like crafting stations & chairs.

Further still, there could be the option to disable menu and nameplates, making only actually interacting with said object show anything.


I like the gaming option @Kapoteeni says, survive, build, decorate. So yes not decorating is not an option for me either. So I strongly support this idea, it would be nice to have the option to hide the name plates on some items.


I guess I’ve just gotten used to them and don’t notice, but I generally support having more options if possible.


I like this idea a lot. Maybe they could make it a toggle, one way you can interact and see the name plate for everything, and the other it only shows items with specific interactions.

So crafting stations, lights that can be turned on and off and chairs you can sit in would all still show but that wooden tankard wouldn’t get in the way of trying to turn off a candle on the same table


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