Toggle on/off name in game

Can we please have an option to toggle for desactivate the player name in game ? Or maybe we can’t see it when we wear a mask or something ?
Please ? :s

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Can we also have the in-game character name displayed rather than steam profile name?


Why? When your in a group fight and everybody has the name deactivated you dont know against who you fight and you kill your mates… that makes no sense sorry. This just ends in a total chaos :slight_smile:

And when someone talks stupid things to you in the chat and you want to kill him maybe you will never find him^^
Also reporting some exploiters is impossible then.

While I do agree toggling the name of will make combat in groups twice as hard, recently they have added in non friendly lock-ons on clan members and your own thralls (mentioned in 02/03/2018 Dev stream). Thus avoiding chaos combat with lots of friendly fire.

However I do not see such a need for this as more people wanted the range of the name tags increased and right now it is very hard to see the names on Testlive as the text they have changed it to is far more thinner and also no longer shows up as green for allies, which i hope is a bug. Regardless of whether they add it in as an option or not, I do not have any complaints.

EDIT: I do want a option where is does display steam and game name when typing in chat and also in person, just like how Ark has it.

You can choose to disable name plates for yourself. Other players will still see names unless they choose to disable them from their side.
ESC > Settings > Gameplay > uncheck Show Name Plates Click the Apply button at the bottom of the window.

However, this will disable all name plates which makes it a bit interesting when hunting for thralls.

Character names will still display in the chat window. This only applies to the name that appears above the character.

I like to disable the name plate when RPing. It’s more like meeting a person in real life. I have to learn who they are by their appearance. Also, in a fight, it can get chaotic anyway. We have found that dying our armor in clan colours makes clanmates easier to spot over relying on the names to pop. shrugs Just a personal preference when fighting players or thralls.

To add: I do not know if this option exists in TestLive.


Hi, ah i dont know that option :slight_smile: , but i think he want hide his own name^^
But in longer fights the time come someone comes naked to you, maybe a friend, or a enemy who knows when the name is hidden.
And yes on the testlive the names are not really good to see as before i played last time in December, i also hope they change that.
Also confusing in testlive you see just the Steam name over the Player, the old style with both names was better, or just the Character name you see also in the chat is a good option. But better visible not just at a close distance.

And the combat lock on i dont use at the moment because i dont like the camera angle, also you team up sometimes with no clan members and then you also lock on them.

Thx thx thx mate; you really save my cap now^^
Was tired to record all those name i didn’t wan’t, now that you’ve show me da way, i no longer need to tweak my cam moove for avoid name of players

You’re welcome.