Names not showing up in server list?

Is what I’m hearing true? That the names on server list have been permanently removed except for admins? Of so… what the hell.?.

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I think you are referring to the player list. If so they did comment in a livestream that they were making changes to how and when someone appears in the list. I’m probably not perfectly clear on how it works but, basically if you do not chat in global chat, Which in PS4 terms I think means run around with a mic on in game (not in party chat) then your name will not be displayed in the player list. If I’m wrong hopefully a community manager will correct me. Here is a link to the written coverage of the livestream I am referring to Developer Stream Recap: November 28th, 2019 written by the almighty @Multigun

Good luck out there Exile

This can be fixed by an admin.
Procedure is:
#1 Sign into server,
#2 Goto server settings
#3 Goto “make me admin”
#4 Scroll down to Vocal Visibility Duration and turn slider to “0”

This should work.

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