Need a Normal Server Restart Times

Please correct me but I’m on a PvE server and they don’t seem to have normal server restart times. Since I have played on many different games that use servers it seems like server restarts have always been a thing for server health. Might want to look into this.

All official servers are restarted once a day.

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PVE, public server, 7:10AM daily.

For American official servers, the server restarts at 5am the server time. Please remember that your event log is in your local time.

Correction… The process starts at 5. Meaning the 10 minute count down. On ps servers, there is a secondary restart 5 to 6 minutes after the server is up from the first. I don’t know why. So at 5, you get the 10 minute warning. At 510,it goes down. At about 515, it’s up but only for 5 minutes and then goes down again. At 521-523 it’s up for good.

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