Official Server restarts


in the past 30minutes the official server pve 1003 had 2 restarts…is this intended? If so, why? normal restarts are at 5am, why now?

3 restarts on server 1014 so far, so you are not alone :wink: … I’ll just have a break now and hope, there will be no more problems tomorrow.

we’re at the 5th restart now…

At least yours is there at times. 1000 does not even show up anymore in the list. The few times that it did i got disconnected while loading into it.

restart number 6 now…

damn, since today it’s not there?

Official 1031 also had multiple restarts

Official server 1307 PVP had lot of restarts, at least 5.

I played without a problem until 1700. It was even smooth since the people who lag out the server with their gigantic buildings were not on yet.
After that i saw it once, got on, got restart and since then it’s gone.

Shortly after the above reply i was able to get on and play. But now there is yet another restart.

yeah we had the msg now aswell…whats going on

Aaaand here we go again on Sever 1003, next restart is incoming. So annoying. ;(

lol, g-portal, what have you done again :smiley:

Server 1039, in about 6 restarts, maybe more.
That’s a pain for farming. :frowning:

1203 server same problem … last 4 hours , min 6 restart …

I think they need to add a players limits to each server like Ark.

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