Unusual Restarts at Official Servers

I’m playing at #6433. Server restarts 3-4 times a day. One or two of them warn before 10 min but others instant dc and it takes 15-20 min even more to re-up.

Why is that? Is it all servers or just this one?

following. #6442 has been doing the same the last few weeks, though yesterday’s patch seems to have improved stability, but it went down again 45 min ago and still hasn’t returned (and it’s not scheduled down time, and no system message before it went down)

#6014 went down without a warning. Yesterday the same problem happened and my T4 fighter just disappeared from the followers list.

That happened just now. I have no clue about why and there is no warning… That became annoying

How old is the server?

The older the server, the more often it needs to be restarted.

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