Official Server Restarts Twice?

Do all servers do this? There’s the first initial 10 minute restart and then when I can finally log in again it says the server will restart in 1 min. Any reason to this?

Just a question, your not logging out at the 10 minute warning then coming back in before the actual restart are you? Ive not seen a server restart twice before, though to be fair, Im not usually on at server restarts anymore.

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This help the server to be More stable so this happened only once in a day

I wait until the server boots me. Then it comes back up and I log back in. After being logged in for about 30 seconds a message pops up saying “Server restart in 1 minute” Then it goes down again.

Hmm…ok Ive never seen that before. Might be worth submitting a ticket to Funcom about it.

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