Server restart and maintenence

I dont know if this is funcom or gportal. Why is there not a warning and countdown timer when the servers restart or go down for maintenence. I use to play wow and they gave u a 30 min heads up when the server restarts or it has scheduled maintenece. I know this cant be done for when the admin resets it himself or something but it should be possible qhen either funcom or gportal does it

Normal server shutdowns give a 10 minute, then 5 minute, then 1 minute. Crashes can’t be anticipated, so no way they can give a warning of those.

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Ive never seen a warning for a server restart

I get the restart warning WMHB mentions on the PvE Official I play on. Are you playing on an Official server, or private?


It’s quite possible that you’ll need to take up the lack of warnings with the admin of the private server you’re playing on then. I believe the shutdown messages have to be sent by the admin (or by an automated script like on the gPortal Official servers) and aren’t part of the core server package.

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