Is it normal for Funcom to restart servers with NO WARNING?

This happens frequently and it just seems to always happen when I’m far from home in a dungeon in the middle of a battle.

I was in the Black Keep for the first time, in the middle of a fight and BAM
Lost. Connection. Host closed the Connection
I looted so much Gold and Steel and Hard Steel and I’m pretty far into the dungeon.
For as long as the server has been down, I can almost guarantee I’ve just lost all of my gear and items.

The server is currently not responding.
This happens way too often.
And there is ZERO warning. In literally every other game in the world, if a server needs to be restarted or shut down, there is some notification in the game. Especially when you can lose all of your progress from the shut down.

Is this normal? Do they even care?

With Survival Servers, I was getting a good heads up that a restart was coming.
It had (or has) something to do with RCON implementation (for them anyway).
Trouble was it was happening daily so I had to override it to a custom once a week restart.

I don’t know where GPortal stands on this implementation, perhaps someone in FC knows.

It’s something we want to implement and hopefully can in the near future.

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GTX Gaming has scripts that do this. You can even automate them. Just have to ask Gportal to implement something similar. I was able to get them to do testlive after badgering them a bit alongside 2-3 others.

If we can get them to do that, I’m sure you all would have no issue. You’re a much bigger customer.

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