Need help for editor tools

Greetings, I’m going to launch a new project for Conan Exiles. A server of 40 free slot machines for the community, exclusive script of J Mariño (Author of the Chronicles of Good and Evil). I would like to have access to the graphic user’s guide, the editor mode. Is there a file that reports on this? Thanks everyone :wave:

I think what you’re asking about is the DevKit, for making mods? And while I don’t know the source material in question, it sounds very ambitious indeed.

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No, it’s not a Mod (on Xbox it would not be easy) What I’m going to create in a free sever, from pvp, with a special script written by and for conan exiles. For the lovers of the rolgame. And in Castilian language (which is something that is currently missing.) What I need is to know how to use the game editor to generate situations that do not disappear (for example, plant a pnj in a location and stay there until his death, etc.) a basic guide for the editor.
I already know the system well, I can do many things, events, history … but things as simple as placing a boss in a location, I find it impossible.
I am already finishing the bases of the server. I just need to know how to better manage the editor to get the effect I need.

There are no such tools available for consoles I’m afraid. For PC there are mods and ultimately the DevKit, but consoles have only the vanilla experience.

You could log in as admin and place creatures (including boss creatures) out in the world, but you’d have to re-do it on every server restart, since there’s no way to permanently alter the game.

I understand, only specific events. I suspected it :sleepy:. Well, that will not stop me, the script will develop a chapter if necessary. :relieved::+1: Thank you in all ways.