Need help running both Exiled and Siptah maps on server

I’m pulling out the little hair I have left over this issue. I recently had to move my two Conan servers (one running the original map, one running the Siptah map) to different hardware. That hardware is running an Ark server (10 clustered instances for the various maps). I didn’t have a problem at first. I’m only using Pippi and Unlockable Containers as mods. I configured separate ports for the main map and the Siptah map, and both started up OK.

I stopped the servers yesterday to look at an issue we were having, and I couldn’t get Siptah back up again. It went through the startup process, would reach the point where it would normally be accepting players, and then would go through the shutdown procedure. I discovered that it isn’t just the Siptah server doing this. Only one server will run now. Whichever one is started first will be the one that runs, the other just shuts down. I can’t pin down what’s causing this in the conansandbox.log file. The nearest I can come up with is an inability to bind ping to number 7799 / 7798 / or some other port around that number).

I had them running side-by-side for a couple weeks and restarted them several times. Now it’s not working. What’s the trick to getting two servers running on the same box?

Is multihome enabled? Are the ports different and properly forwarded?

The ports are set up. I looked at every port, set up the Windows Firewall to allow them, and defined them in the INI files. Each instance has its own set of ports defined. Though I did see an error about ping not being able to be bound to (or 7799 sometimes). I opened up both TCP and UDP for 7799 and 7800. Lower numbers from 7780 up through 7797 (I think) are in use by the Ark servers. And I couldn’t find any setting other than the server port, query port (which is usually 1 above the server port), and RCON port for the INI files.

I didn’t know about multihome. At least, I don’t think I did anything regarding that. Can that be explained?

Actually, I think I did use Multihome on the previous server. I looked it up and will be making some changes to our server. I have to assign some more IP addresses to it so that the two Conan servers are using their own unique IP address. Hmmm. I guess since they’ll be on their own IP addresses, they can use the same ports? That would make it simpler for the firewall rules.

I should be doing this tomorrow.

Crisis solved. Thanks for the help @Narelle . Bringing up Multihome set my gears in motion and I was able to resolve the issue. I defined some additional IP addresses on the adapter (which were given to us but apparently never used) and used the Multihome to get both servers in harmony. I can’t understand why it ran for so long before though before deciding it wouldn’t anymore. Oh well.

I am glad you managed to resolve the issue. I am not really an expert in dedicated servers but I know multihome is a must when you run multiple servers on the same machine.

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