Need help with dagger bug

So when I first started the game the daggers worked fine but now after the latest update they are only going on my left hand any fixes for this

Do you use any mods?

We had a similar issue when the combat changes hit along with not being able to craft arrows which was caused by a mod needing to be updated.

Yes I do but none that change combat or anything should I just uninstall?

the one that caused issues for us was a storage increase mod,

Make sure they are all up to date and try that and if it doesn’t work you can just drop them off your game and see if it works.

If the game works with no mods (which it should) you should then be able to add your mods on one by one testing the daggers etc after adding each one, when the daggers stop working properly there is your culprit mod which needs updating/removing or replacing.

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