Can't use dagger, bows dont equip

When i have the dagger equipped i cant use it. My character just makes some kind of backflip when i use the offhand button.

When i equip a bow you cant see it and cant use it.

Game mode: Singleplayer
Problem: Bug
Crash dump link: (if applicable - fill out the crash report and enter your email to get the link)

Just use the normal light/heavy attack buttons while wielding daggers. (Left and right click).
The offhand/block button gives you a special dodge (that back-flip). It uses less stamina than dodge rolling but, unfortunately, does not interrupt attack animations the way normal dodges do.

Can’t help with the bow though, sorry! Just make sure you drag arrows onto it to equip them.

When i use left and right click the character just punches and doesn’t use the dagger.

Well I guess my suggestions are useless then!

Do you use US keyboard? I have to switch keybord to US before play, unless quck slots don’t work for me.

That did not work for me. I can also use the offhand action with my thumb mouse button. And i still get the back flip when i use that.

You’re supposed to get the backflip when you use the offhand key with daggers on. So that part is working correctly. It’s weird that you punch instead of use the daggers. If you’re backflipping then it seems to be recognizing that you have daggers equipped.

And that is one VERY COOL back flip move when daggers are equipped. I love it and because of that use daggers more often than any other weapon aside from a bow. Try it with any flowing armore skirt ,like Derkato, and it is just wild. I do it over and over until I am exhausted, (out of stamina).

Haha. I hope they update it to interrupt attack animations the way normal dodges do though. That’d make it a lot more useful.

Amen for that…

it’s a mod conflict,
some mods disable the new fighting system.
if you only see one dagger in the left hand, something is overwriting the combat changes.

you should see two daggers one in each hand.

try disabling mods until you find the culprit

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Thank you for your help. It was indeed a mod conflict.