Daggers, weapons and thralls

  • Daggers can be equipped but u can’t fight with them, animation of attack is like fighting with hands and have only 1 dagger not 2, star metal bow can’t be crafted and used, same as the two handed weapons.
  • When I want to give spear to my thrall and equip it on him it goes back to his inventory, didn’t check with other weapons

I have the same problem with the thralls, I feel this makes fighter and archer thralls useless atm?

Saw this too. But then i saw them attack something and they pulled out the weapons. not sure if that is by design now or not.

As far as I understand the Thrall issue is intended. You place the weapon in their inventory and they will equip the weapon when they attack an enemy. They then unequip the weapon when the fight is done.

I haven’t noticed any issues with daggers on the Xbox personally. :thinking:

Oh sorry I forgot to tell I have this issue on PC but I think i solved this problem out, this patch is incompatible with not updates mods I think that’s the problem.

Are you using mods?
because I had this same problem with a mod that allowed the picking up of benches and things.
when I deactivated the mod the problem went away.
I think it’s because of changes to the base data tables.