Thralls dont equip weapons

Guys thralls dont equip weaponsand when u put in inventory archers and fighters… Can someone help pl
Game mode: Online
Problem: | Bug |
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I’m having the same issue too, I just logged on today to find all my thralls killed cause they had nothing to defend themselves with

Me aswell. They hold them in there inventory but wont equip them.

Can we get a info about this - got 4 thralls 2melee / 2 archer - the only slots equipable are cloths , no weapon ?? Ps4 online



Yeap it seems like Thralls dont equip weapons. you can drop armour into the slots but the weapon slots it wont highlight so it just sits in their inventory. I hope this gets fixed soon as its a pretty major problem. Thralls are next to useless without weapons.

I’m having the same problem. They already are fixing the health regeneration bug and they say it will be fixed this week. So I guess they also know about weapon not equiping.
See this thread.

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Yea the thralls wont heal at all. We try potions and bandages and meat and nothing works.

was already addressed, devs said they will fix it this week.

Came across this problem myself…

There is a way…for PS4

Open your Thralls inventory as well as your own…

Select the weapon highlighting it pressing X…

Then move your cursor over to your Thralls inventory go to the “Head” box and then press the UP arrow or L3 upwards then choose main or offhand :wink:


This does work. But I have noticed a strange new glitch where sometimes (usually fighter Thralls) sometimes archers, will unequip their weapons when attacking but have them equipped for no reason visually while just guarding.

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Hello boost622. I’ve had the problem you’ve encountered as I’m sure many have. I’ve noticed there isn’t much to go on how to get around this bug. However, you can hold square(ps4) with the crosshair over the thrall to bring up a few options, one being to “follow”. Once you’ve selected follow, you may equip weapons. Though, once the selection is switched to “stop following”, the thrall will drop whatever is on hand back to it’s inventory. I hope this was some help, if not for you, someone else.

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And now I feel dumb… Thralls will generally only keep weapons on hand if there is a threat. It is an automatic feature from what I have read. I simply don’t want any confusion whatsoever because of myself. It would be nice to have more control over this equipment confusion. An “equipment always on hand” choice in the thrall options would be perfect really. Whereas it’s opposite choice would specify something like, “Auto-Equip”.

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