Thralls not keeping weapons equiped

So every since the new patch my thralls refuse to keep weapons equiped. They just auto drop them in their inventory as soon as i try to equip them. Also when i am trying to place/move them, they are glitchy as heck and half the time they do not move.

The Thralls should not remain armed if there is no threat. The weapons will remain in inventory until there is a threat.

Can you please provide some additional information about what you mean by “glitchy”?

Yes, when i go to “Move” them, the preview avatar bounces and shakes very badly, as if i was moveing the mouse very trembly. Also most of the time if i do not move them a good distance from where they are, they will stay in the same place they was, but their name plates will be at the new location.

Not sure, but i think this is caused by your characters knees constantly flexing. I have seen this on my character in vanity mode. It was the only way to actually see it.

This is STILL an issue. My thralls will use the weapons ONCE. After that, they attack with fists and thats it…

funny enough they used to do that with me before the latest patch. And now they unequip after a fight and re-equip when danger comes.

Okay so for once I’m necroing something on purpose. Because as of the latest build, on an official server, thralls will still occasionally attack with their fists even if they have a weapon in inventory. They generate some weird placeholder “XX_Fists_01” (or similar) item when doing so. This item will remain in their inventory, and can be removed.

They also ignore whatever you put in their weapon slots, so even if I give them a ranged weapon, they’ll still switch to melee (if they have one). Not sure if this is due to it being a Fighter class thrall - I’m short on Archer class thralls since they also like to charge into melee, and get themselves killed.

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It looks like Funcom devs have misplaced a word or two in some code lines…